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Adults or Children's Parties by the

National Champion Magician*

*Society of American Magicians. S.A.M.

This is not a booking agency. Mr Raynor does all of the shows himself. Your guests will see and enjoy the National Champion of Magic.

Available in:

Los Angeles.

Greater Los Angeles,

Southern California,

Great for

Harry Potter


Selected by Barnes and Noble to perform at the kick-off, National Promotion of latest Harry Potter book:

Harry Potter

"The Order of the Phoenix" as covered by ABC News

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Member of the Magic Castle

Wall of Fame Honoree

What our clients say:

"I wanted to thank you for coming to our home yesterday. I have never seen fourteen, Eight Year Olds be so quiet for so long with that "What's he going to do next" excitement on their faces. You are truly blessed with the ability to entertain people of all ages with a big heart"

M.C. Anaheim Hills, CA

"On behalf of the 'Friends of Children and Literature' I want to thank you very much for the wonderful Magic Show you presented last Sunday at the Los Angeles Central Public Library in connection with FOCAL'S third annual Science Day, which this year had as its theme the "Magic of Science" As Magic Bob you absolutely entranced the audience, both the children and their parents. Your delightful sense of humor and method of drawing virtually everybody into the action appealed to one and all. The youngsters could scarcely restrain themselves with excitement as they helped you with the mysteries of the Magic Balls, The Disappearing Rabbit("It's on your butt".) Altogether, it was a marvelously professional and fun show that was much appreciated by the audience and for which FOCAL sincerely wants to Thank you.

Alex Muller (Docent)


Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with our children, friends and family"
Your show absolutely made our party a success. The kids loved it and so did the adults. T.K.

Thank you for a fabulous show! You truly made Manny's birthday party "great" and my job as hostess so easy.TTT
Thank you for the wonderful show.Everyone really enjoyed it. My son truly felt the magic on his birthday. EW

You made turning 40 unforgettable. M.L.

Just wanted to thank you for participating in our son's sixth birthday party. All of the children had a really good time and they loved your show. I also want to mention the great party favor bags (Bag of Trix) that were such a great hit. I am so glad we decided to let you provide them. R.F.

Teacher of Magic:

(14 years experience)

California State University, Northridge

University of California Santa Barbara

Magic University, the Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA

Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA.

Los Angeles Public School District, After School Programs


27 years experience as a full time professional magician

Children's Hospital, L.A.

Walden Environment for Children

Central Library, Los Angeles.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Key Pharmaceuticals

Amgem Corporation

Schering Corporation

Blue Cross of California

Barnes and Noble

Paramount Motion Pictures




Sun Microsystems

Numerous Day Camps

Kaiser Permanente

Mattle Inc. (Toys) Children's Entertainment Consultant

Children's Schools and Day or Summer Camps

La Petite Academy

Pinecrest Day Camp

Youngset Day Camp

Phoenix Day Camp

Travis Weaver Child Care Center

Panorama Baptist Day Camp

Santa Clarita Children's Academy

Children's World Learning Center

KinderCare (many)

Los Angeles Public Library

Elks Lodges (many)

Boy Scouts (many)

Girl Scouts (many)

Cub Scouts, Blue & Gold

Many YMCA's

Mound Child Developement Cntrs.

Sea Coast Grace Summer Day Camps

Head Start of Ontario, CA

(and many more)


1991 National Championship, Society of American Magicians, (S.A.M.)

1999 and 2008. Children's Magician of the Year, (Southern California Association of Magicians, (S.C.A.M)

2008 Honoree, inducted into the "Order of Merlin." International Brotherhood of Magicians. (I.B.M)

1992 Second Place Winner International Close-Up Competition (International Brotherhood of Magicians ( I.B.M.).

Certificate of Appreciation. International Brotherhood of Magicians. (I.B.M.)

Finalist at the Desert Magic Seminar competition.

Honoree: Picture is on the "Wall of Fame" at the Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA.

Questions? Ask Magic Bob. Click here


Magic Shows for Kids or Adults


Magic Bob Raynor

National Champion Magician*

*(Society of American Magicians)

In Greater Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, West Hills and Western San Fernando Vally, Calabasas


Updated: Feb. 2013

Parents, Do you want the very best for your children?

If so, you can now hire the National Champion of Magic at the lowest fees available. Call us and see for yourself.

It's well known that kids make great participants but are rarely good spectators. What they really want is to get involved and be in the middle of the action. Every show I do is built with this concept in mind. That is, to let the children participate as much as possible. All shows are funny and are tailor made to fit the age and interests of the children, as well as the types of parties (birthday party, magic theme parties, barmitzvah, batmitzvah, school show, Day Camps etc).

Every child gets to help the magician during the magic show. They not only see the magic, they experience it. Small red balls are made to magically vanish and reappear right in their hands, or sometimes a mysterious bright red electric light is taken from their ears, only to vanish when they are handed to the birthday child.. Red silk scarfs appear and disappear, Pom Poms rise fall and float magically for no apparent reason. Comedy magic is used for lots of fun and laughter. The birthday child is featured throughout the magic show and is the subject of the grand finale. If your child likes Harry Potter he will love this show.

I perform mostly in Greater Los Angeles, Los Angeles and in Southern California and have very reasonable rates. We also can provide (optional) party favor or goody bags called "Bag of Trix"® which have 26, or different tricks. These are used for Wizard and Magic Theme Parties (see menu). Also be sure to see our Free Party Supply page where you will find FREE Party Invitations, Party Games, Free Prizes, Free Party Wizard Hats and much, much more . Click in menu at left side of this page. Here are just some of the featured birthday party magic tricks I use (or don't use) depending on the child's age and at your option. Please discuss them with Magic Bob.


 Some of the Age Appropriate Material used in the Children's shows.

 A Full Vanish: The birthday child is vanished right in front of his friends. (and brought back). *Some limitations apply.

Prince Turned Into Frog. The fairy tale of the handsome Prince who was turned into an ugly jumping Frog by a Wicked Witch and then magically saved by a beautiful Princess who kisses him. Great for girl's birthday parties. Some limitations apply.

Three Little Pigs. For the very young: The story of the Three Little Pigs with lots of participation by the children who are taught the Knock Knock game as the Wolf comes to the door. At the climax The Big Bad Wolf very magically winds up in the pot of stew in the fireplace.

Jack and the Bean Stalk Jack plants the seeds and to the kid's delight, what appears to be an eight foot tall bean stalk grows right in your living room.

Little Miss Muffett. For the even younger children I do the Nursery Rhyme, Little Miss Muffett. A symbolic spider walks with a Boing, Boing Boing. The kids get involved by going Boing, Boing Boing as the Spider walks. A Spider web is made which magically falls apart then vanishes to the surprise and delight of the children. Taking Rabbit From empty Top Hat

Decapitation: A child is beheaded. (not really). It's all in good fun and nothing is scary, dangerous or fearful.

The Story of William Tell complete with the apple on the assistants head. Again great fun, comedy, lots of laughs and absolutely no danger (not even an arrow). It is however , great magic and you'll love it. Some limitations apply.

Harry Potter : This is a Detective Story acted out at Hogwarts Castle. Each child is sworn in as a Deputy Sheriff Wizard and helps to magically bring to justice the notorious Carrot Bandit (alias the 'Funny Bunny'). Highly animated, absolutely hilarious, with the Bunny appearing, disappearing and mysteriously moving about. Ultimately the Bunny is brought to justice. The kids love it and you will too. Magic Bob recently performed this piece on ABC TV.

Taking a Rabbit from an Eempty Top Hat. Everybody knows the expression, "It's like taking Rabbit from a Hat" but very few have eveer seen it performed. Now you and your children can enjoy it.

Levitation. A member of the audience is caused to rise up two or three feet and float in mid air, then is gently and safely lowered to the floor. No apparatus or equipment is used. Seems utterly impossible. *Some age and statgeing limitations apply.

The birthday child is turned into a full fledged Magician who performs a high level trick seen frequently at the Magic Castle, in Hollywood. However when he gets done, even though he does it in his own hands, he hasn't the slightest idea of how he did it. A really great photo opportunity and something you and your child will remember for years.

First birthday parties. We even have a routine that features the one year old in his mother's arms. We turn him into a "Star". This is a great opportunity to take a fun photograph which you will remember for years.

Bar/Bat Mitvahs We have a special routine which we do with the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child where he or she does a magic trick where a page of news paper magically turns from a five pointed star to a six pointed star. This is a great photo opportunity.

Cup and Ball. This is the oldest Magic Trick known to the Wonderful Art of Magic. It is a pure classic and every child should see it and experience its wonder.

* Each of the above have certain age and staging or other limitations. NOTE: The above is not intended as a Menu from which you may construct your own show. A few of these reuire an additional fee. Please discuss these with Magic Bob when booking.

Questions? Ask Magic Bob. Click here or call us at our Toll Free number (800) 992-5139

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Make your party a real success: Use the theme of MAGIC for your party. Use our "Bag of Trix"®, party favor bags, Magic Wands and our selection Self Working magic tricks to spark up your party.

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 Other products for Magic Theme Parties

  Magician's Outfits:

Top Hats, Capes and Vests.

 Here is a selection of great looking, well made Magican's attire that will impress everyone. You will be amazed about how much extra fun the right outfil adds to a Birthday Party. Works great for Magic Shows, Halloween or any other costume events. See pictures below.

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Top Hat



 Tuxedo Vest. Includes Bow Tie, Pleated White Shirt and Cummerbund, all sewn in place

Bag of Tricks. 26 tricks with easy to do Inststrucktions  

 Magician's Black Cape with red collar. Very good looking. Length 36".





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 Magic Party Supplies. Elegant Tableware which sets the perfect atmosphere for a Magic Party. Includes Plates that actually Sparkle !!

Here is Tableware that exudes Magic. Plates, Cups, Napkins, Cutlery, Table Covers and decorative accessories all designed specifically for a Magic Birthday Party. Everyone will love the atmosphere and the mood it creates..

We accept the following Credit Cards, plus Pay Pal, for merchandise purchases. If you prefer to pay by Check or Money Order Click here

 About Magic Bob

'Magic Bob' is Bob Raynor. He is a full time professional Magician with over 25 years experience, primarily providing entertainment for children of all ages. He was the 1991 National Champion of Magic as judged by the Society of American Magicians. In addition, for the past fourteen years he has taught, or is presently teaching Magic at one or more of the following institutions: California State University Northridge, University of California Santa Barbara, Magic University at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA, and in the Los Angeles School District. He is presently teaching Magic at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, CA. He has performed over 1200 shows at the world famous Magic Castle, Hollywood, where his picture has been placed on the 'Wall of Fame'. He is chairman of the Educational Committee at the Academy of Magical Arts Foundation, the Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA. Member of the "Order of Merlin" of the International Broherhood of Magicians.

He has performed with the Sesame Street characters in field promotions and has received an award from the Southern California Association of Magicians as 'Children's Magician of the Year' in 2001 and 2003. He has performed children's magic on ABC-TV. He is the founder of the 'Magic Learning Center' which now has in excess of 4800 signed up children members, many of whom have earned a 'Certificate of Achievement Award' naming them as "Ten Trick Wizards". Children learn magic at the Learning Center which is presently hosted at Sierras Family Restaurant in Canoga Park, CA.

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 How to Book a Magic Show in Southern California


Need help? Call us Toll Free at 1-800-992-5139. Office hours 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM, inc. Sat. & Sun. Pacific Coast Time 

For a quotation please telephone me at 1-(800)-992-5139 or send us an e-mail by clicking in the area below and giving us the following

(1) City where the party will be held.

information:(2) Day, Date and Time of the Party.

(3) Age of the child.

(4) Occasion, birthday party etc.

(5) Your phone number (with area Code)

(6) Approximate number of children and adults who will attend.

(7) Are you going to hold the party INDOORS? It is a mistake to hold the Magic Show Outdoors



We will either send you a reply by return e-mail or will telephone you within the same day.

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Magic Bob Raynor

National Champion of Magic, S.A.M.

Now Appearing:

Mission Burrito Restaurant. Roscoe and Fallbrook, West Hills. CA

Every Wednesday 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM


Kids: Join our (free) Magic Club and each time you come in on Wednesday evening you will receive a free trick and be taught how to do it. When you have accumulated ten tricks you become a"Ten Trick Wizard" and receive a beautiful certificate with your name printed on it and have your name printed on our Honor Roll in the lobby. Best of all, it is free.


 Magician for kids and childrens comedy magic shows for birthday parties and magic theme parties with party favor bags

Magic Bob Raynor
National Champion of Magic S.A.M.



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