12 Easy to Teach , Easy to Learn, Great Tricks.

Magic Tricks, together with a Deck of

Durable Magic Playing Cards made especially for kids.

These are rugged, Bridge size, playing cards, designed for rough use by kids,

Plus a booklet with 12 Amazing Tricks you can teach a Beginner.



Full Bridge Size Cards, Heavily Plastic Coated, Long Lasting.

Plus 12 Easy to teach. Easy to learn Magic tricks which will make the user look like a Professional Magician and make you look like a Professional Teacher.

 12 Great Magic Tricks


Now you can Teach Magic!

Easily learn the secrets magicians use to create awe inspiring Card Tricks. How to get a Spectator to take the card you want him to take. Then how to find it after it has been returned and lost in the deck. How to mix up the deck without disturbing the order of the cards. The Down and Back method and the One Ahead technique. How to read the Spectators mind. All presented as complete, easy to learn tricks. No previous skill or Sleight of Hand required. A Complete education in Card Magic for a very low price.
   Here is a package which allows you to Teach Magic to members of your group: Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Summer Camp Kids, After School Students. Learning Magic is a great experience for kids and a great way to keep them eager to learn. No Magic Experience or knowledge necessary. Course developed by Bob Raynor, 1991 National Champion of Magic and a teacher of Magic at the California, State, University Northridge for ten years. Enjoy learning these simple Magic tricks yourself and you are ready to go. The kids will love it.

Boxed Decks

Wrapped in Shrink Pack


 Complete Instructions




Red or Blue Backed Decks available.

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12 page illustrated booklet. One, easy to follow page for each Magic Trick..Easy to teach, Easy to learn.


Boxed Decks 

 Bridge size cards. 2 3/16" x 3 3/8". Thickness .011". This is the same thickness as other popular brands of playing cards such as Bicycle. Heavy plastic coating to resist moisture. dirt or oil. Warp resistant. Very durable for rough handling. Easy to clean. Perfect for kids or beginners of any age to use when learning Magic. Also good for games such a "Go Fish" or "52 Pick-up" Cards tossed into a hat. Deck contains 52 cards plus two Jokers. Red or Blue backs.


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 Model, RC52-12


Deluxe, Boxed, Durable Magic Playing Cards, heavily plastic coated. With Instruction Booklet for 12 easy to learn Magic Tricks.

$ 3.99 each


Model No.RC52-12

$ 3.99 each*



Model, BC52-12


Deluxe, Boxed, Durable Magic Playing Cards, heavily plastic coated. With Instruction Booklet for 12 easy to learn Magic Tricks.

$ 3.99 each


Model, BC52-12 

$ 3.99 each*


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Here are just some of the Tricks you can teach kids to perform.

Each trick illustrates a major principal of magic. Makes teaching and learning extremely easy.

The Amazing Flip Over Card
The Magician has a card selected and returns to the deck. He puts the deck behind his back and seconds later places the deck in front of him stating that he has found the card in an unusual manner. He spreads the face down cards and the only card which is face up is the selected card.
The Rising Card
The Magician has a card selected and returned to the deck where upon he shuffles the deck. He holds the deck upright facing the audience and rubs his finger on top of the deck. The selected card rises up from the deck.
The Three Robbers
The Magician tells the story of how Sam Spade, the Great Detective, catches three robbers in the act Breaking and Entering a house and committing a crime. The cards act out the events and Sam Spade really catches the crooks.
Mental Telepathy
Magician demonstrates that he has the power of Mental Telepathy. He lays out ten playing cards and asks one of the spectator to point to one of the cards while he has his back turned. When he turns back he is able to reveal the card.
Out of this Galaxy
The Magician states that he can transmit thoughts to one of the spectators and have him correctly identify the color of the face of the cards (red or black) for either half (26 cards) of a shuffled deck
Three Card Prediction
Magician has a shuffled deck cut in to three piles of face down cards. He then states that he can name the top card of the three piles of cards. He then proceeds to do so.
Plus SIX more tricks which are equally as baffling.


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