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Every show is perfomed by 

Magic Bob, aka

Bob Raynor

Magic Bob performs Magic Shows for School kids

National Champion of Magic (S.A.M.)


The way to have a School Magic Show which will entertain children lies in getting them involved in the show. Most kids do not enjoy just sitting and watching, they want to participate in what is happening. Each of our shows is based on this concept. That is, to get them involved and keep them invloved.

To accomplish this the selection of tricks and materials is all important. Obviously what entertains a four year old probably will not entertain a ten year old and what entertains a ten year old will not entertain a four year old. Each of our School Shows uses age related material to insure we will capture the interest and attention of the children. Where the audience has mixed ages, material is selected which can be presented so that the interests of the different ages can be blended together. This is a rather advanced performance technique which is called "Playing at two levels". If the performer has enough experience, training and talent he can blend the presentation and the material together and obtain a show which all the children, young and old (plus the adults) will enjoy. One which is hilariously funny, very moving, and lots of fun, yet full of great magic.

Magic Bob Raynor is uniquely qualified in both experience, talent, education and training to provide just the right mix for a great and long remembered School Show.

In 1991 Magic Bob won the National Championship of Magic from the prodigious Society of American Magicians a.k.a. the S.A.M. He has taught Magic in a Certificate Program at California State University, Northridge for ten years. He has also taught magic at the Magic University, at the world famous Magic Castle, in Hollywood. For four years he taught magic in the "After School Enhancement Program" for Elementary Schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. He is presently teaching magic at Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA. In college he majored in Child Psychology. He is the founder of the Magic Learning Center which has just under 5,000 children as signed up members. He has done literally hundreds upon hundreds of children's shows and won awards for many of them. His work has appeared on National TV. He is a consultant to the Mattel Toy Company on projects pertaining to magic and has worked with the Sesame Street characters when they do outside field promotions.

Bob Raynor does all the shows himself... their are no agents, trainees or substitutes.

 Fully Insured for up to


Policy #EGL000072-03 Clarendon National Insurance Company (Contact us for more information)

How to book a Show or Teach InH

You may telephone or FAX us at: Toll Free:(800) 992-5139

Or send an e-mail to: Ask Magic Bob. Click here.o

Just a few of the

Children's Schools and Day or Summer Camps

where Mr. Raynor has performed.

La Petite Academy

Pinecrest Day Camps

Youngset Day Camp

Los Angeles Central Library

Phoenix Day Camp

Travis Weaver Child Care Center

Panorama Baptist Day Camp

Santa Clarita Children's Academy

Children's World Learning Center

KinderCare (many)

Elks Lodges (many)

Boy Scouts (many)

Girl Scouts (many)

Cub Scouts, Blue & Gold

Many YMCA's

Mattel Toy Company

Mound, Child Developement Centers

Sea Coast Grace Summer Day Camp

Children's Hospitals (several)

Olympics Gymnastics

and many many more


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