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Scroll below for free download which can be enlarged up to 8 1/2" X 11". This fits into a standard greeting card size envelope available at Staples and other similar stores.

 Mom, Does your child love magic?


 Then this favor bag is for you.

 Here is your opportunity to turn his or her party into a Magic Theme Party and add excitement and fun for all the kids. All kids love magic so instead of an ordinary goody bag give each child one of our Magic Party Goody Bags.

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Bags contain all magic, nothing but magic. No candy, stickers, tattoos, novelties or gimmicks, just magic. Available with 26, 31 or 37 tricks plus a special bag (Model BT345) for children 5 years old or younger.

The best possible goody bag for a Magic Theme Party

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 Are you planning to have a MAGICIAN ?

 All of the bags were designed by Magic Bob Raynor, the National Champion of Magic (S.A.M.). He is founder of the 5,500 member (all children) Magic Learning Center where every trick has been thoroughly tested and approved.

 magic party goody bags®
 If you are planning on hiring a Magician for your party you can add real meaning to his performance by giving each child a Bag of Trix. Most Magicians will be happy to perform one or two of the tricks if you ask them

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 Free Magic Advice

 The average cost of each trick in the bag is 20 cents or less. This is unmatchable for magic. Their are no stickers, candy or filler etc., just magic tricks. Also you can return up to 20% of the unopened bags you ordered, for kids that do not show up for the party.

 magic party goody bags®
 If you have questions or are having trouble figuring out what is appropriate for the kids at your party or if you need help figuring out how to do any of the magic call us TOLL FREE. We will walk you through the the problem. 1-800-992-5139

If you really want the best looking table for a Magic Theme Party see our Plates, Napkins and Table Covers below.



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 Magic Party Supplies. Elegant Tableware which sets the perfect atmosphere for a Magic Party. Includes Plates that actually Sparkle !!

Here is Tableware that exudes Magic. Plates, Cups, Napkins, Cutlery, Table Covers and decorative accessories all designed specifically for a Magic Birthday Party. Everyone will love the atmosphere and the mood it creates..


 The Perfect Magic Birthday or Holiday Gift

Absolutely the finest Magic Birthday Present you can give to a child who loves Magic and wants to learn how to perform it. Click Here

Now The Birthday Child Can Even Look Like a Magician !


 Here is the perfect outfit. Top hats, Tuxedo Vests with Red Bow ties, Red Cummerbunds, Pleated White Shirts sewn on, plus Capes and Magic Wands.

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Here is your FREE Download for the four fold Magic Party Invitation

You can enlarge it to a full 8 1/2" x 11"


How to make the Invitation

1. Print the above layout for the Invitation.

2. It is scaled to about 70% of an 8 1/2" X 11" sheet of paper. Cut out the invitation as a single sheet leaving about a 3/16" white border around the edge of the sheet. Put this in your scanner and enlarge to fit an 8 1/2" X 11" sheet of paper. If your scanner can not handle an enlargement or color and pixel adjustments take it to Kinko's, Staples or to a company with a similar service. This will be your 'master' sheet. Use it to print the invitations on your printer.

3. Fill in the Birthday child's name, your address, date and time of the party and your phone number for the RSVPs on the 'master' sheet. This should be printed neatly by hand.

4. Print the required number of copies. Note: If you do not have a color printer, or for economy reasons, you may try printing the card on colored paper with a black and white printer.

5. The printed copies require two folds which will create four panels. . Place the 8 1/2" X 11" sheet in front of you in the "Landscape" position, or with the long edge at top. All four panels should be showing. The two long edges of the sheets will be horizontal. Make a vertical fold in the middle of the four panels. This fold will be parallel to the short ends on either side of the sheet. For the second fold take the panel headed "Your Invited" and fold it down over the panel headed "It's a birthday party for".

6. The card will fit an envelope which is 5 3/4" wide and 4 3/8" tall. These are a standard size available in Staples and other stationery stores.


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You are invited to a

free invitation for a magic theme partyt 


Join us, become a Wizard

and put some Magic in your life


It's a birthday party for.....

      Please RSVP by letter or phone.  Our number is:_________________


Four great ways of using Invitation # 2 for a Magic or Wizard Theme Party.

Method #1. Print the above Invitation right from the internet. It is designed to fit on one half of an 8 1/2" X 11" piece of paper or card stock.You may adjust the actual size in your scanner. Cut out the invitation saving the outside lines. You can download as may copies as you wish or print out one copy and neatly fill in the blanks and use this as a master to make copies on your scanner or at your local copy center.

Method #2. Print Invitation right from the internet. Cut out and then mount on a piece of black construction paper leaving an appropriate black margin. They can be mounted flat or inside a double size folded piece of black construction paper.

Method #3. Print Invitation from the internet. Cut inside the lines, then enlarge in your scanner to fit an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet. Depending on your equipment this will be between 180% and 185%. Adjust the invitation in your scanner so that the right and left margins are about equal, and the top and bottom margins are about equal and fit properly on the page. If you have trouble go to your local copy center such as Kinkos. We suggest you print on colored paper such a Bright Pink, Blue, Lavender or Goldenrod.

Method #4. Here is a great idea! Include one of the Bet-ya Got-ya magical puzzles in every invitation.Tell your guests they will get the solution to the puzzle at the party. You will be amazed at how many invitations will be accepted and how many children will come to the party.

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Make your child's Birthday party more EXCITING. Make it a THEME Party and use the theme all kids love.. MAGIC

 Bag of Tricks Partr favor and goody bags®

26 Magic tricks for $4.99

 Almost Free Goody Bags

"Bag of Trix"®

Remember, no children's party is complete without Goody Bags

Your Party will be long remembered if you use Magic as a Theme, then have a party favor bag oriented to the Magic theme. We suggest you use our Bag of Trix. Bags contain 26 to 35 different, easy to learn, magic tricks. More fun than any game and with a real magical purpose. Best yet they cost no more than if you put together your own party bag. Saves time and effort as well. For more information Click here



with Cards for Kids, Includes Booklet with 12 Easy, High Impact Tricks. Click Picture

 Spark up your Magic Theme Party with Magic Wands and easy to do, affordable Magic Tricks


Magic Wands

Complete line of Full Size, Deluxe Wands

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Affordable, Easy to do Tricks

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 A complete line of self working. easy to do, classic Magic Tricks.

Great for prizes. party favors, grab bags or Pinatas, or have kids perform a trick at the party to win a prize.

Svengali Deck

Absolutely the greatest trick deck of cards ever created, with ten easy to perform tricks.


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