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 Does your child love magic?


Click Bag of Trix


 Then this goody bag is for you.

Then you have come to the right web site. Please look through all of the FREE PARTY SUPPLIES listed below.They all add UNITY and meaning to your party Theme. From Party Planning to Decorations and Magic Party Games plus Prizes. Select what you want and have a great Magic Theme Party.

; Bag of Trix
Then take a look at our Bag of Trix goody bags. Bags contain all magic, nothing but magic. No candy, stickers, tattoos, novelties or gimmicks, just magic. Available with 16, 21 or 26 tricks plus a special bag (Model BT345) for children 5 years old or younger.

Add memories to your child's birthday party.

Make it a Magic Theme Party

Free Magic Party Supplies: Invitations

Here is a selection of Invitations that you can use as is, or use as the basis for a more decorative card. It will set the theme for your Magic Theme Party. May be used as a four fold or as a mounted single panel. They set the tone of the party and they are Free. Click on picture, Download as many as you wish.


Share the fun with your friends. Use our Almost Free magic, party favor bags: Bag of Trix. Click menu below. Or try our Magic Wands or Self Working tricks

Great for Harry Potter fans (of all ages).

Free party wizard hats  and free party supplies

Free Magic Party Supplies: Wizard Style Hats, (Download)

Here's a great hat for a Magic Theme Party. Just download and print out. Make them yourself or use it as a party project and let the children color and decorate them. Make them a little smallerand they make colorful table decorations. To go to the plans and layout, click on picture.



 Magic Party Supplies. Elegant Tableware which sets the perfect atmosphere for a Magic Party. Includes Plates that actually Sparkle !!

Here is Tableware that exudes Magic. Plates, Cups, Napkins, Cutlery, Table Covers and decorative accessories all designed specifically for a Magic Birthday Party. Everyone will love the atmosphere it creates. Click here.



 Free Magic Party Supplies: Party Goody Bags or Favor Bags

Most children expect to get a Goody Bag when they attend a party. If you plan on having a Magician at your party, or if you are using Magic as a theme, here is a download Bag which is FREE just for printing it out. Contains the completely decorated Wizard pattern as shown on the left. All you need to do is print it on colorful paper, cut it out and glue it together using the easy to follow, illustrated instructions. Best of all, it is Free. We also provide inexpensive suggestions for what to put in the bag. Matching art work is used on our Free Party Hats, Free Invitations and Free Place Settings to strengthen the Theme of Magic. Click on the Picture of the Goody Bag for the Pattern and instructions.



 Are you planning to have a MAGICIAN ?

 Click any Bag of Trix for more information.

The best possible goody bag for a Magic Theme Party
 If you are planning on hiring a Magician for your party you can add real meaning to his performance by giving each child a Bag of Trix. Most Magicians will be happy to perform one or two of the tricks if you ask them

 magic party goody bags®
  All of the bags were designed by Magic Bob Raynor, the National Champion of Magic (S.A.M.). He is founder of the 5,000 member (all children) Magic Learning Center where every trick has been thoroughly tested and approved.


 Magician's Outfits:

Top Hats, Capes and Vests.

 Here is a selection of great looking, well made Magican's attire that will impress everyone. You will be amazed about how much extra fun the right outfil adds to a Birthday Party. Works great for Magic Shows, Halloween or any other costume events. See pictures below.

(Click here for more information)

Adult Magician's Tusedo Apron for Magic Events 

 Tuxedo Vest. Includes Bow Tie, Pleated White Shirt and Cummerbund, all sewn in place

 Magician's Black Cape with red collar. Very good looking. Length 36".

 Even Mom can join in the fun and be part of the Party when she wears a Magician's Vest.


Free Party Tricks and Free Pary SuppliesFree Magic Party Supplies:Here are 3 Magic Tricks.

A selection of great magic tricks that are easy to learn and perform. Can be copied and sent out with invitations, used as a game or to teach the kids how to do them during the party. They can also be given out simply as a memento of the party. Click the picture, download and enjoy.



 The Perfect Magic Birthday Gift

Absolutely the best Magic Birthday Present you can give to a child who loves Magic and wants to learn how to perform it. Many children do not respond well to reading written instructions. They prefer to actually see the magic done then learn how to perform it. This gift provides the props for 26 tricks, plus a CD showing what to do and how to do it. Click Here for more information


Free Party Games and free party suppliesFree Party Supplies: Magic Games including a Harry Potter Look Alike Game. Download all of them and enjoy.

Here are seven different party games with a Magic slant. All are perfect to enhance Magic Theme Parties. Pictured is "Pin the Wand in the Magician's Hand". (Yes that's me.) It is played like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" but we use a Magician and a Wand. Others include a "Harry Potter Look Alike" contest, "Magical Freeze", "Pin the Magician's Goatee on Dad". and "Don't get Caught ( with the Magician)". Use our selection of Self Working Magic Tricks and have magic contest. Yours free just for downloading them. Also see our Free prizes for the winners. Click on magician's picture and enjoy.

For the perfect Magic Theme Party that will be long remembered, click on "Bag of Trix" in menu below.


Free award certivicate for magic theme party and free party suppliesFree Magic Party Supplies: Award Certificates to use as Magic Game Prizes

Make the party games more fun by awarding a genuine Wizard, Certificate of Merit, From the Magic Learning Center. The kids will save these certificates for years. Yours free for the downloading. Click here.


 Ribbon Award for Party Games and Free party supplies  

 Free Magic Party Supplies: Grand Prize Ribbon Awards

Here is a Free Grand Prize Ribbon which can be given to the winners of the Magic Games. you have at the party. They can be used in one of three ways: 1. As a smaller Certificate which provides a "For" line which allows you to offer extra Awards such as for "Good Sportsmanship", "Showmanship", "Excellence" etc. 2. As a ribbon Award. and 3. As a cut out badge with a real ribbon. For more information Click here.

 Free party planning guide and free pary supplies

 Free Magic Party Supplies: Planning Guide & Check List for a Magic Theme Party.

Starting a month before the date of your party, suggestions are given for every step of the way, along with the timing of when to do each task. It insures that you consider every possible step and the alternatives. You won't forget any of the important items and avoids the last minute rush. Yours free for the downloading. Click on the picture.

Highlight your magic party with our party favor bags: "Bag of Trix." They are Almost Free. See why. Click menu below.

Free Magic Party Supplies: Table Decoration Plans

Dress up your table with a magical center piece. You can have the fun of making a Top Hat yourself with our easy to follow, easy to use, instructions and a very small materials cost. Yours free for the downloading. To busy? We have excellent, low cost, Magician.s Top Hats which you can use as a starting point. Fill with a stuffed rabbit, Playing cards on a stick and other decorative items you will find ina any party store.

Click on the picture.


 Click here to see the Perfect Magic Holiday Present for kids who love Magic



Free Magic Wands and Free Party suppliesFree Party Supplies: Give one Magic Wand to Each Child. Make them for only three cents each.

Here's how you can make a Magic Wand for each child at your party for under three cents each in three minutes. You can give each child a magic wand, or have the kids make them as a party project. Use as party favors as mementos or as prizes in party games. Click picture for more information

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