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Specially designed Bag of Trix (magic sets) to help you learn magic quickly, easily and inexpensively.
Bag of Tricks magic sets®
With many tricks as low as 19 cents each

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 Party favor bags and goody bags with real meaning. Great for use at Magic Theme Parties, or as gifts or party prizes. Almost Free!

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Now in our 27th Year

Learn Magic

The Fast, Easy, Interactive, Inexpensive, On-line Way

Our mission is to encourage you to experience the fun you, your kids, Grand kids and beginners of any age can have by learning and performing Magic. By doing so we hope to broaden your awareness, interest and enthusiasm for the Art of Magic. To give the learning process a 'jump start' we suggest you purchase our specially designed Starter Kit (Model BT25) or have a Magic Theme Party for your children's birthday or other party. Use our Magic Party Favor Bags or Goody Bags, called 'Bag of Trix', for the ultimate easy fun way to learn Magic. More fun and more meaning than any party game.

Trick Selection:

Each trick used in the Learning Program, which includes all the Bag of Tricks, party favor bags, has been selected, tested and developed by Bob Raynor, National Champion Magician and the staff of the Magic Learning Center. Our aim has been to offer only those tricks which teach the basic principles of Magic, as well as the manipulation of the individual trick.

About Magic Bob

Mr. Raynor is the founder of the Magic Learning Center which has in excess of 4900 members. The Center is presently hosted by Sierras Family Restaurant, Vanowen at Canoga Ave., Canoga Park, CA.


Teacher of Magic

Mr. Raynor has taught Magic at : California State University Northridge, CSUN, the Magic University, at the Magic Castle, plus many schools throughout the Los Angeles Public School system in the After School Programs. He is presently teaching at Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA

He was the 1991 National Champion of Magic.


Our 25th YEAR


Rules of Magic

Never tell how a trick is done.

Never repeat a trick for the same audience at the same session.

Never perform a trick in public until is has been thoroughly practiced and rehearsed.

Practice, practice, practice.


Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.


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Free Party Supplies

to help create a Magic Theme Party

 Free Party Supplies

Free Party Invitations

Free Party Games

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Free Party Planning Guide

Free Goody Bags

Free Table Decoration Ideas

Free Magic Wands

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Free Party Magic Tricks

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Trick Selection:

All tricks used in the Learning Program have been selected, tested and developed by Bob Raynor, National Champion Magician and the staff of the Magic Learning Center. This includes our Starter Kits, Bag of Tricks, party Goody bags and Favor Bags, plus our Self working tricks. Our aim has been to offer only those tricks which teach the basic principles of Magic as well as the manipulation of the individual trick.

Magic Learning Center

Mr. Raynor is the founder of the Magic Learning Center which has in excess of 4500 members. He is the creator of the Bag of Tricks magic sets used as party favor bags to help beginners learn magic. He has been elevated to the "Order of Merlin" by the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He has been named "Magician of the Year" for Children's Magic by the Southern California Association of Magicans, S.C.A.M.

Teacher of Magic

Mr. Raynor is presently teaching Magic at Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA. Over the past ten years he has continuously taught magic at one or more of the following: California State University Northridge, the Magic University, at the Magic Castle and in many schools in the Los Angeles Public School system, After School programs.

Low Cost

Many tricks as little as 19 cents each.


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 Free Party Supplies

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Our 28th Year

 Learn Magic Tricks now, and perform them tonight.


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 pencil on book  Free Magic tricks ring rises up wand  Coin Vanish at elbow

(Free. To learn how to do these magic tricks, scroll down below)

Free  Bet-ya - Got-ya Mystery

Free Magic Trick. Bet-ya - Got-ya. #11

Here is the challenge: Lay out three coins as shown above. Make three moves. Each move must consist of turning over two coins at the same time. After the third move all coins must be tails up. Once you figure it out you will be able to do it and your spectator will not.

Here is the Solution:
When the magician starts the coins are set up A is heads, B is tails and C is heads. Move #1: Pick up B and C and turn over. Move #2: Turn over A and C. Move #3: Turn over B and C. All three will be tails up. When the spectator wants to try it turn the B coin heads up. He will not notice the difference yet the trick can not be done from this starting arrangement because the coins will all end up heads up. Enjoy.

Free Magic Trick. Bet-ya - Got-ya. #12

Here is the Challenge: This one will drive your family and friends crazy. Problem: Tell a friend that you have placed two (US) coins in your closed hand. The total value of the coins is 26 cents. One coin is not a penny. What is the value of each coin?

Here is the Solution: When you tell the spectator the answer get ready to run. Open your hand and show him that you have a quarter and a penny. He will protest quoting you as saying "One coin is not a penny" Say "That's true. One is not a penny. " Point to the quarter and say, "this one is not a penny, it is a quarter."



The very best Magic Set for Kids to Learn Magic.

Imagine... 26 great Magic Tricks. Selected by the National Champion of Magic and tested by the 5,000 member (all kids) Magic Learning Center.

 26 Tricks and....

It Includes

the Learning Disc.


(Click here for information)

And here is your insurance that your child will learn the tricks.

Many children get discouraged when trying to understand Instruction Sheets. They prefer to watch rather than read. Disc utilizes Video Demonstrations, Slides, Photos, Diagrams and a Voice over to explain how to do each of the tricks.


Kid's,C Do you have a Birthday coming up?

Here's a great way to have fun with magic. If your parents are planning a Birthday Party for you ask them to make it a Magic Theme Party. Instead of giving out ordinary party favor bags give each one of your friends one of our "Bag of Trix"®. Play our Free party magic games and learn all the tricks in the bag. You will have a great time and so will your friends. Click here for more information: Magic Theme Party


"Bag of Trix"

Imagine 26 tricks for only $4.99 !!

Use to create Magic Theme Parties: Here is the ideal, inexpensive and fun way to have magic at your birthday party with or without a live magician. Kids learn the magic quickly and easily. Bags include tricks, all the needed props and complete instructions. Bags with 26 tricks starting as low as: $4.99 per bag. Shipping and handling extra. Use it as a Magic Set or as a Party Favor Bag but with a real purpose. More fun than any game.

Click here for contents of Bag of Trix,

Now You Can Even Look Like a Magician


 Here is the perfect outfit. Top hats, Tuxedo Vests with Red Bow ties, Red Cummerbunds, Pleated White Shirts, Capes and Magic Wands.

(Click here for information)



Then  Become a Master Magician

 Once you look like a Master Magician you are ready to become one. Below are Very Affordable, easy to learn and perform Tricks designed for beginners. No Sleight of Hand or Skill needed. yet you will look like a professional Magician. (Click here for more information)

Coin Slide

With four tricks that are easy to learn;

  Cups and Balls

With three tricks you will master at once.

 Ball and Vase

With two easy to learn tricks and many more.

Rabbit in Hat Trick so easy to do a child can do it.

 Rabbit in Hat, so easy to perform even a child of 6 can perform it.

Click here for more information




with Cards for Kids, Includes Booklet with 12 Easy, High Impact Tricks. Click Picture


Magic Wands 

magic wand with games to play and children's birthday parties and magic tricks to do with wands

Perform with excellence

To look really good when you perform magic use one of our exceptionally well made, full size, well balanced and sturdy wands at a very low price. This is the wand I used when I won the National Championship of Magic where I had to perform before 800 Professional Magicians.

Magic Wands Click here


Click pictures above for more information

Questions? Ask Magic Bob. Click here.



 Magic Party Supplies. The finest Tableware for a Magic Party ever designed. Includes Sparkling Plates!!

Here is Tableware that exudes Magic. Plates, Cups, Napkins, Cutlery, Table Covers and decorative accessories all designed specifically for a Magic Birthday Party. Everyone will love the magical atmosphere it creates. Click here.

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 Four Easy Ways to Learn Magic

1. We list three, Free, On - line tricks that you can learn today and perform tonight.

2. Three, Free, Interactive, on-line (mostly) card tricks. To help you learn We ask you try to figure out how they are done, but if you can't, send us an e-mail and we will help you learn (free, no obligation) by return e-mail.

3. Order one of our special purpose, low cost, Bag of Trix. These are magic sets which contain 26, 31 or 36 different tricks that will amaze your friends. In the 26 trick bag, the tricks cost an average of only 33 cents each (+ S & H)

4. BET-YA, GOT-YA mysteries. There are ten of these in the Bag of Trix. Figure them out, then when you can do them, show them to others to see if they can do them. If you get stuck, we provide illustrated instructions.

Questions? Ask Magic Bob. Click here.

 Starter Magic Sets

We recommend Model BT25-B

Want to learn magic? Here's a great way to get started on your own. Buy our recommended Starter Kit, Model BT25-B You will learn how to perform 36 tricks in no time. Amaze your friends, family and business associates. The tricks have been selected and designed to help beginners quickly and easily learn by doing. Kits come complete with detailed, simple, easy to follow instructions, suggested presentations and all required props. This 36 trick kit regularly costs $19.95 is now available, for a short time only, at the introductory price of just $15.99, plus S&H. Press "How to Order" on the Menu Bar. If you have questions click on "Need Help" below.

Questions? Ask Magic Bob. Click here.


Learn them today and do them tonight

Here are three FREE MAGIC TRICKS. They are easy to learn yet very baffling. One new trick will replace an already published trick at frequent intervals. Three tricks will always be on view.

Free Magic Trick #5. Telekinesis

Telekinesis pencil on book

EFFECT: Magician offers to demonstrate Telekinesis. He places a full length pencil on a book and mysteriously waves his hands over the pencil as he bends his head down and mumbles some magic phrases. The pencil starts to magically move without being touched.

METHOD: The pencil is placed so that it just balances on the edge of the book. When the Magician bends his head he secretly blows on the book on his side of the pencil, at the point marked "X", causing the pencil to move or rotate mysteriously.

Free Magic Trick #6. Levitation

Ring magically rises up wand


EFFECT: Magician borrows a wedding ring and slides it down over his wand. He leans toward the ring starring at it intently. He makes a magic gesture and the ring slowly rises up the wand. With another gesture the ring slides down the wand. He removes the ring and returns it to the spectator. The wand may be handed out for inspection.

METHOD: A piece of black sewing thread, about three feet long is attached to the top of the wand with Magician's Wax which is available at magic stores. You may tie it tightly on and glue it in place. Tie the other end to your belt or a lower button hole. Place the borrowed ring down over the wand and thread. Adjust the length of thread so that when you lean forward and pull your waist back the thread is pulled and the ring raises up the wand.If you use Magician's Wax you can secretly remove the wad of wax from the wand allowing you to hand it out for inspection. Click on Magic Wands above for wands, or you can make one out of plastic tubing, a jumbo pencil or other smooth rod.


Free Magic Trick #7, Coin Vanish

Coin Vanish at Elbow

Effect: Magician states that he can make a coin vanish merely by rubbing it on his elbow. The first two times he tries he fails. But open the third time vanishes into thin air. He then reproduces it from his ear (or some other unlikely place).

Method: The magician borrows a coin from a spectator, taking it with his right hand. He places the coin in his left hand. He places his right elbow on the table and rests his chin on his right fist. As he starts to rub the coin on his elbow he pretends to drop it on the table. He picks it up with his right hand and places it in his left. He again starts to rub his elbow and drops the coin. He picks up the coin with his right hand and pretends to put it in his left. Actually he secretly keeps it in his right hand. He again rubs the pretend coin on his right elbow but his time he takes his left hand away and the coin appears to have vanished. He then pretends to take the coin out of his ear.

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Here are FOUR of the Finest Trick Card Decks Ever Created

Here is the of how to look like a professional Magician without studying Sleight of Hand or Spending Endless hours practicing. Click any picture for more information and prices.

Invisible Deck  

Stripper Deck 

Svengali Deck

 Truly a miracle deck of cards


Rising Card Deck

Absolutely the 4 greatest trick decks ever created.

Without question these are the finest trick decks ever created. Each is an absolute classic not only because of the great tricks and the variety of tricks you can do withthem, but because of the ease with which you will be able to learn to do them. The tricks will make you look like a full time professional magician without ever having to learn sleight of hand. It is that easy

Click here for more information

Here's a Free bonus Card Trick and its Solution submitted by Magician, Gregory Topov

The deck is split into two halves (towers), both of which may be shuffled by the spectator. The spectator selects a card from either pile (his free choice!), and replaces it *anywhere* (his free choice!) into the other pile which he immediately shuffles. The magician finds the selected card even
after the spectator has shuffled the pile thoroughly!

Pre-arrange the deck by separating the cards into two piles of black cards & red cards. Place these two piles on top of each other to make one complete deck. Pre-arrange the deck ahead of time - don't let anyone see you do this!

1. Casually split the deck in half, creating two face-down piles (towers), one of the red cards, the other of the black cards.
2. Let the spectator freely choose one tower, and select any card from this pile. Do this by fanning out the cards face down, and have him touch a card, which he takes and remembers.
3. Have the spectator insert his selected card anywhere into the *other* tower.
4. Look through the tower containing the spectator's card. The only different colored card in the pile is the selected card!
5. Produce the chosen card with your favorite revelation. A simple method is to place the card on the table face down, and turn it over after the spectator names his card.


Need help? It's free? E-Mail us. Click here.

 Interactive Magic

Four Free Magic Effects only, (without the Methods) for you to figure out and learn.

The following three EFFECTS were selected to make you think about Magic and thereby help you learn. The purpose is to make you start thinking about magic and how tricks can be done. Try to figure out how each effect could be accomplished. Take out a deck of cards and start working. If you are stumped e-mail us and send us the Effect number. We will send the Method to you by return e-mail. Also let us know if you would like to be on our mailing list. We will replace one published effect with a new one at frequent intervals.

Need help? On which trick? It's free? E-Mail us. Click here.

Free Tricks: Effect #3. The Hard and Fast Way to Find a Card.

EFFECT: The Magician has a card selected and states he will turn his back as the spectator looks at it and shows the other spectators. This is to prove their is no way for him to know the card. When he faces front again he places the card in the center of the deck and squares up the sides. He states he will find the card the "hard way". He places the deck behind his back and almost immediately brings it forward again as he says, "Not only have I found your card the hard way, but I have found it, that fast!". He asks the spectator to name his card, then spreads the deck to reveal all of the cards are face down except for one, which is the selected card.

Free Tricks: Effect #4. Mind Reading.

Effect: Magician offers to prove that it is really possible to read someone's mind. He asks a spectator to name a number between 10 and 20. The spectator does so and names, let us say "15". The Magician then demonstrates exactly what he wants the spectator to do. He takes a deck of cards and counts out 15 cards in a neat pile on the table, then looks at the top card. He then reassembles the deck and hands it to the spectator asking that he deal out 15 cards exactly as he demonstrated, look at the top card and remember it. The Magician points out that he has proceeded in this manner to be certain that the spectator has been in control all the way. He then asks the spectator to concentrate on the card. To picture it in his mind. The Magician first reads the color of the card. Then the suit and finally the name of the card.

Free Tricks: Effect #5. The Playing Card Detective.

Effect: The Magician states that he has a Magic, Playing Card which acts as a Detective. Further that it can find any "criminal card" that might be hiding in the deck. He has a card selected and states that it will be considered the "criminal card". To make the police work harder the Magician cuts the deck and asks the spectator to do the same. He then spreads out the deck to reveal one card is face up. It is the Five of Hearts which is NOT the "criminal card". The Magician states that the Five of Hearts is the "Playing Card Detective" and it will find the criminal. He counts back five cards and turns the card over. It is the selected "Criminal Card".

Free Tricks: Effect #6. The Three Card Prediction

Effect: The Magician asks the spectator to cut the deck into three piles of cards. He then holds his right hand about six inches above the first pile and with some mental effort names the card on the top of the pile, say the Six on Clubs. He picks up the card in his left hand and then holds his right hand over the top of the second pile. He again names the card. Let's say the Jack of Spades. He repeats the motions and names the last card, let's say the Ten of Diamonds. The magician then lays the cards down one at a time on the top of each pile and they are indeed the Six of Clubs, the Jack of Spades and the Ten of Diamonds. He has predicted all three cards.

Click here to e-mail us for the secrets, be sure to tell us which ones have you stumped. We will send you the solution by return e-mail absolutely FREE.

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Display of "Bag of Trix"®

Bag of Tricks, Magic Sets, or Party Favor or goodie bags for Magic theme parties for beginners to learn magic easy with party goodie bags.

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