Magic Wands for

Kids of all Ages

 Here's a line of great looking, low cost, rugged, Magic Wands, perfect for Children's Birthday Parties. Great looking and rugged enough for rough play

Magic wand for magicians and wizards for party games and magic tricks.

Magic Wand Model MW

 This is the same high quality Magic Wand as our deluxe Magic Wand but without the ribbons and decorations. It is of professional quality, full length and diameter. The shaft is made of precision, extruded Polyethylene. The end caps are made of rugged, precision, white, molded Polystyrene. Because of these high level specifications the wand is perfectly balanced which makes it excellent for use in misdirection as well as for the celebrated Vernon Wand Spin. It is, however rugged enough for even heavy duty children's play. The Magic Wand is offered plain or with the secrets and instructions to perform four or eight tricks that can be done with the wand. It is a Magic Wand that will make the user look his/her best when performing magic yet is tough enough for rough handling.

"I have used one of these Magic Wands professionally for twenty-five years, including the performances I did to win the National Championship of Magic for the S.A.M." (Society of American Magicians) Bob Raynor. National Champion

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 Magic wand for magicians and wizards for party games and magic tricks.

 Model MW

This is the full size Magic Wand, without tricks. 10" long and a full 1/2" diameter. Well balanced, extra rugged, professional quality.

Cost: $ 2.49 each


Model MW-A

 Same wand as above when purchased in quantities of 16 wands.

Cost: $ 1.99 each


 Magic wand for magicians and wizards for party games and magic tricks.

Model MW-4

 This is the same Professional quality wand described in the MW listing shown above but with instructions for four tricks which can be done with the wand.

Cost: $ 2.99 each


 Model MW-4A

 Same MW wand as described above when purchased in quantities of eight wands.

Cost: $ 2.49 each


 Magic wand for magicians and wizards for party games and magic tricks.

Model MW-8

 This is the same wand described in the MW-4 listing shown above but with instructions for eight tricks which can be done with the wand.

Cost: $ 3.49 each


 Model MW-8A

 Same MW-4 wand as described above but when purchased in quantities of eight wands.

Cost: $ 2.99 each


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Here are the tricks which can be done with the Magic Wands


 First four tricks. #1 thru #4. Available with Model MW-4 & MW-4A

1. Magic Wand Vanish and Production.  The Magician holds a magic wand by both ends
 and it vanishes and is then reproduced right before the spectators eyes.
2.  Magic Wand Suspension.  The magician causes a magic wand to be suspended with
 no visible means of support.
3.  The Rising Ring on Magic Wand.  By merely making a magic gesture  the
 magician causes a borrowed ring to rise up  his Magic Wand.   The wand may be
 handed out for inspection.
4.  Vanishing Coin using Magic Wand  Magician states he will tap a coin with his magic wand 
and it will vanish.  He does so but the coin does not vanish, however the magic 
wand vanishes instead.

Next four tricks #5 thru 8 Available with Model MW-8 & MW-8A 5. Wobbling Magic Wand. Magician makes a magic gesture and turns the magic wand into rubber. He demonstrates that it actually wobbles, then with another gesture he turns it back to solid. 6.. Bending Magic Wand. To prove that the magic wand actually turned into rubber the magician bends the magic wand forward and back. Again using a magic gesture he returns it to being solid. The Magic Wand my be handed our for inspection. 7. Vanishing Coin. The magician places a coin in his hand then taps the magic wand on his hand. When he opens his hand the coin has vanished. A really marvelous, yet basic, effect. 8. Magic Wand Through Handkerchief. The magician places a handkerchief over his fist and pokes a depression in the cloth. He places his magic wand in the socket like depression. He snaps his fingers and the magic wand falls right through the handkerchief. Magician passes out the cloth to prove that their are no holes in it.-
Note: All of the above models include the Magic Wand plus instructions on how to perform these tricks. No additional props included.

Free party Game

for Magic Wands 

Find the Wandering Magic Wand.

Here is a fun game which uses a Magician's Magic Wand. Have all of the children form a circle with one child "IT" in the center. The "IT" child must close his eyes and cover them (or use a blind fold). A Magic wand is passed around the circle as recorded music is played. When the music stops everyone must put their hands behind their back and each pretends they are the one holding the wand. The "IT" child now removes the blindfold and has to guess which child in the circle has the wand. If he does so on the first try (or what ever number you choose) he wins a prize such as a Magic Trick, a Bag of Trix, toy etc. When the "IT" child picks the correct person holding the wand they change places and the Wand Holder is now "IT"

Wands for Party Planners

Deluxe Magic Wand for adult and family parties.

If you are working on a Party with a Magic Theme. (Click Picture)

 Other products for Magic Theme Parties

The perfect compliment to a Magic Wand



 Magic Party Supplies. The finest Tableware for a Magic Party ever designed. Includes Sparkling Plates!!

Here is Tableware that exudes Magic. Plates, Cups, Napkins, Cutlery, Table Covers and decorative accessories all designed specifically for a Magic Birthday Party. Everyone will love the atmosphere it creates. Click here.


Easy to learn,self working magic tricks 

 Goody Bags for Magic Theme Parties

 Svengali Deck of trick cards

Easy tricks for Magic Theme Parties. Self working, easy to learn, no skill required.
  Goody Bags, Party Favor Bags with 26, 31 or 36 great tricks.

 Incredible Svengali Deck with ten tricks to do with this amazing trick deck of cards


  Magician's Outfits:

Capes, Tuxedo Vests, Wands, PlainTop Hats

 Here is a selection of great looking, well made Magican's attire that will impress everyone. You will be amazed about how much extra fun the right outfil adds to a Birthday Party. Works great for Magic Shows, Halloween or any other costume events. See pictures below.

(Click here for more information)



 Tuxedo Vest. Includes Bow Tie, Pleated White Shirt and Cummerbund, all sewn in place

 Plain Top Hat and Wands which come with 4 tricks. This Top Hat is not for the Rabbit from Hat trick.

 Magician's Black Cape with red collar. Very good looking. Length 36". Well made.

 Now Mom can be part of the Birthday Party also. Tuxedo Vest is actually a wrap around apron.

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The wands arrived at my house on time and in great condition. The kids are going to love them. Thanks a lot. It was nice doing business with you.

Casey S. Arlington, VA

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